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Back to Coaching after Knee Surgery

Posted by | Posted in ALMH, JointWorks | Posted on 01-17-2017

Janice Sielaff had a few important goals in mind when scheduling her knee surgery earlier this year. The 57-year-old works part time as a clinical lab instructor for Lincoln Community High School’s LTEC Health Occupations program, which she initially started back in the early 1990s.

She also volunteers as the discus and shot put coach for the high school girls’ track and field team. Plus, she’s preparing for an empty nest.

“My daughter, Anna, is a high school senior, and I wanted to be able to help with coaching duties,” Janice said. “Standing for long periods of time, bending down, doing anything that put stress on my knee became challenging.”

Memorial Photographers Capture 2016 in 12 Poignant Images

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 01-10-2017

Life happens in the patient rooms and hallways of our hospitals and clinics, in the events we sponsor and the causes we champion. Life happens in the connections between our employees and patients and their families. In 2016, our photographers shot thousands of images that captured Memorial’s mission – to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. The following twelve photographs represent some of their favorite work – and ours – in 2016. Enjoy.

7 Ways to Fuel Your Kid’s Brain

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Memorial Center for Healthy Families, Weight Loss and Wellness | Posted on 01-10-2017

When our cell phones run out of power, we have to recharge them so they’re back to full strength. It’s much the same way with our children. We need to make sure they’re recharged and ready for the next day.

Cheri Harrison, pediatric program coordinator for Memorial Center for Healthy Families, part of Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, shared seven ways you can fuel your kid’s brain and help them develop positive habits that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

5 Ways to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Memorial Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Winter | Posted on 01-04-2017

Have you been binging on Netflix? Sleeping more than usual? Not exercising enough? If so, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression related to the seasons of the year. Typically, SAD starts in the late fall when the days become shorter and activities taper off. Symptoms increase and plateau through the winter months.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Options for Moms-to-Be

Posted by | Posted in Family Maternity Suites, Nutrition, Recipes, Women | Posted on 12-30-2016

nonalcolohic drink optionRinging in the New Year often means responsibly enjoying a few adult beverages. Expecting mothers don’t have to feel left out—it just takes a little creativity to incorporate some healthy, alcohol-free options into your party planning.

“It can be tough this time of year for soon-to-be moms to feel totally included, especially at New Year’s celebrations,” said Shari Hickey, nurse manager for Memorial Medical Center’s Family Maternity Suites. “When you’re planning a non-alcoholic option, just be sure to consider the amount of sugar in the mixers. This is especially important if the pregnant woman has gestational diabetes.”

Coping with Holiday Grief

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Memorial Behavioral Health, Mental Health | Posted on 12-23-2016

Unhappy woman crying in bedDoes grief have you feeling down this holiday season? One may think that the holiday season brings good tidings and cheer, but suffering from grief is more common than people realize. Simply finding a way through the holiday season can be challenging if you’ve lost a loved one.

Lung Cancer Screenings Can Be a Game-Changer

Posted by | Posted in Cancer Care, Memorial Medical Center, Screenings | Posted on 12-15-2016

doctor-lung-xrayDon’t let the stigma about smoking keep you from pursuing a lung cancer screening. It might save your life, said Traves Crabtree, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon with Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in partnership with Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Crabtree recently spoke with “Morning Newswatch” host Joey McLaughlin during a segment on WTAX radio. He shared some shocking annual statistics:

Heart Attack Survivor Has a “Heart for the Kettles” This Holiday Season

Posted by | Posted in ALMH, Heart, Memorial Medical Center, Rehab | Posted on 12-13-2016

salvation-army-almhTony Shuff is a busy man, and his Oct. 5 heart attack was not on the fall “to-do” list.

His warning signs?
• Tired and easily winded
• Shortness of breath
• Minimal feelings of discomfort around the heart

The 64-year-old small-business owner and director of the Logan and Mason County Salvation Army received life-saving care at Memorial Medical Center and then started cardiac rehabilitation at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

Don’t Ignore Cyber Bullying

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Memorial Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Parents | Posted on 12-08-2016

upset-boy-on-cellphoneSocial media and video gaming has seen rapid growth in recent years. With children and adolescents frequenting online communities, this opens the door to cyber bullying and puts our children’s emotional well-being at risk. Children who experience cyber bullying are more likely to show signs of loneliness and social isolation. With prolonged exposure, they can experience lowered self-esteem and depression.

“Our children are facing new and complicated social situations online,” said Autumn Dunham Neubert, LCSW, at Memorial Behavioral Health—Springfield Children’s Center. “Unfortunately, the repercussions can be devastating to their feelings of worth, especially in the preteen and teenage years.”

A Mom’s Best Friend

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Memorial Medical Center, Parents, Winter | Posted on 12-01-2016

Cold and flu season is upon us. And as moms, dads and anyone who wants to avoid seasonal viruses prepare for the germ battle, they often reach for the same weapon of choice: the trusty ole’ hand sanitizer.

hand-sanitizerThe small gel bottles are inexpensive, easy to throw in a purse and convenient in a pinch. But despite its brilliance, it may not always be the best solution. Gina Carnduff, Memorial Medical Center’s Infection Prevention system director weighs in on what you need to know: