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Medical Checkups: Why They Matter

Posted by | Posted in Physician Services, Videos | Posted on 27-03-2014

PrintWellness checks. Yearly physicals. Preventative health exams. Whatever you call them, annual health-maintenance exams are “a very important tool in maintaining good health and exchanging important information with your doctor,” says Benjamin Montgomery, MD, a physician with Memorial Physician Services – Jacksonville.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two of the leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease and cancer. These life-threatening diseases, and the medical conditions that can lead up to them, often have no symptoms for some time. Even if you feel fine, a disease may be damaging your body. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Decorate a Tree: Tips from an Expert Designer at Memorial’s Festival of Trees

Posted by | Posted in Events, Expert Tips, Foundation, Videos | Posted on 07-11-2013

Festival of Trees How To VideoHave you ever looked through a display of trees, exquisitely decorated for the holidays, and wondered exactly how it’s done? In the video below, Amanda Johnson, event manager for Memorial’s Festival of Trees speaks with Samra Aslam, long-time design coordinator for Jeffery Alans, which offers a unique mix of home and seasonal décor in Springfield.

Watch as Samra turns a tree into a stunning display, starting with how to create a bow topper, tips to effectively add ornaments throughout and ways to use ribbon as the finishing touch. 

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Preserving Memorial’s History – One Brick at a Time

Posted by | Posted in Foundation, Memorial Medical Center, Videos | Posted on 09-07-2013

212-13-48The Centennial Brick Walkway was established by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation in 1997 to commemorate the first 100 years of Memorial Medical Center’s history. It has remained popular not only with employees but also with the general public, as many in our community are touched by healthcare services here.

As the main pedestrian walkway to the medical center for more than 15 years, tens of thousands of people have walked along its path and seen the more than 1,800 names and major life events commemorated by the bricks. Recognizing that joyous births, fond farewells, retirements and many other meaningful life events are captured in the inscribed bricks, we are very sensitive to the brick walkway’s place in the history of our collective community. Read the rest of this entry »

Granting Special Wishes for Hospice Patients

Posted by | Posted in Foundation, Sharing Wishes Fund, Videos | Posted on 05-07-2013

151-13-27A hot-air balloon ride for an end-stage cancer patient. A video-gaming system for an isolated, homebound patient who had lost the ability to speak. One final Valentine’s date for an elderly married couple living together in a nursing home.

These three wishes all became a reality over the past year because of a special fund sponsored by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation that helps make wishes come true for hospice patients and their families.

The goal of hospice is to focus on quality of life for every patient. As a team, hospice works to enhance this quality of life physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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‘Memorial Was There to Save My Life’

Posted by | Posted in Emergency, Emergency Department, Neuroscience, Stroke Center, Videos | Posted on 21-05-2013

139-13- 05At age 26, Darah Nelson is far younger than the average stroke patient. Yet on Oct. 18, 2012, she found herself in her office, the door closed, and unable to move or speak. A family friend, who had once experienced a stroke, happened to stop by, opened her door and quickly recognized the signs of a stroke.

Darah arrived via ambulance to Memorial Medical Center, where the Emergency Department team launched its Star 45 program, the 45-minute diagnostic timeline that determines whether patients, like Darah, are candidates for stroke treatment.

The video below chronicles her story. Read the rest of this entry »

Memorial Prepares for Advancing Care by Design

Posted by | Posted in Construction, Memorial Medical Center, News, Videos | Posted on 14-05-2013

GroundbreakingMemorial employees broke ground today, May 14, on the front lawn of the medical center to launch our historic expansion project, Advancing Care by Design, which will transform both interior and exterior features on the campus.

A quick look at the numbers tied to the expansion includes:

  • 3 new patient floors, which will accommodate a total of 114 private rooms designed with specific “zones” for the patient, family members and nursing staff to optimize care giving;
  • 6 new operating rooms, for a total of 23, in our soon-to-be-expanded lower-level Surgery Center;
  • 2 additional lanes of traffic in our main drive, for a new total of 3, to improve flow of traffic;
  • 1 new Memorial Center for Learning & Innovation, a three-floor building that will enhance learning and training opportunities for Memorial employees as well as our medical partners. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Your Doctor May Not Prescribe Antibiotics

Posted by | Posted in Physician Services, Safety, Videos | Posted on 29-02-2012

We’ve all been there. Despite feeling miserable, you drag yourself out of bed to see the doctor in hopes of getting medication you’re certain will make life better. But instead you’re left empty handed and wondering what happened.

Chances are you had a viral infection, and no antibiotic in the world can help that. And by not prescribing antibiotics, your doctor is actually protecting you from getting even sicker. Confused?  John K. Lee, MD, from Memorial Physician Services” South Sixth Medical Associates breaks down what you need to know. Read the rest of this entry »

Need to Conquer Unhealthy Eating Habits? ‘Choosing to Lose’ Can Help

Posted by | Posted in Bariatrics, Nutrition, Videos | Posted on 29-12-2011

With the tempting platters of calorie-laden holiday food behind you, it’s time to look forward to managing your weight for the new year.

While many of us don’t have a lot of success with New Year’s resolutions, an 11-week program offered by Memorial Medical Center’s dietitians can teach you the skills to conquer unhealthy eating habits. And the first class is free!

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How a Yellow Sticker Could Save Your Life

Posted by | Posted in Emergency, Safety, Videos | Posted on 09-12-2011

You’ll soon see more cars in Illinois displaying large yellow dot decals in their rear windows. And those dots will help save lives.

Illinois launched recently its voluntary Yellow Dot program. Participants receive a bright yellow decal for their cars and a corresponding yellow folder. They place the decal in the lower left-hand corner of the car’s rear window. They put their basic medical information and a close-up photo in the folder, which is kept in the glove compartment.

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Too Late for the Flu Shot? Think Again.

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Flu, Videos | Posted on 15-11-2011

This is Part 5 in our Flu Myth Video series. Past videos:

  1. Can I get the flu from a flu shot?
  2. What’s in the flu shot and how long will it protect me?
  3. You’re never too young, old, or healthy for a flu shot
  4. Is Getting the Flu Really THAT Bad?

Just because the colder months have arrived, that’s no excuse to forego the idea of getting your flu shot. Plenty of vaccine still exists, and flu season isn’t expected to peak until after the new year. Dr. Rajesh Govindaiah, chief medical officer for Memorial Health System, explains: