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Memorial Photographers Capture 2016 in 12 Poignant Images

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 10-01-2017

Life happens in the patient rooms and hallways of our hospitals and clinics, in the events we sponsor and the causes we champion. Life happens in the connections between our employees and patients and their families. In 2016, our photographers shot thousands of images that captured Memorial’s mission – to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. The following twelve photographs represent some of their favorite work – and ours – in 2016. Enjoy.
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Super Survivor’s Source of Strength Includes Her Patients

Posted by | Posted in Be Aware Womens Fair Super Survivors, Cancer Care, Events, News | Posted on 10-08-2016

Super Survivor, Kelli Fisher

Super Survivor, Kelli Fisher

As program coordinator of Memorial Medical Center’s palliative care program, Kelli Fisher has been a source of strength and stability to hundreds of patients for the last decade, many of them facing their own battles with cancer.

What she didn’t know was their own journeys would one day be a source of strength for her, after she received confirmation in 2015 that a suspicious lump in her left breast was cancer.

A Sherman resident, Kelli is one of three women who were randomly chosen as Super Survivors to be honored at this year’s Memorial’s Be Aware Women’s Fair. The seventh annual event will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, in the Orr Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Read the rest of this entry »

New Aneurysm & Stroke Screening Program

Posted by | Posted in Memorial Medical Center, Neuroscience, News, Screenings, Stroke Center | Posted on 28-07-2016

stroke-screeningAn estimated 1 in 50 Americans have an un-ruptured brain aneurysm, or a weak area in the wall of an artery that feeds blood to the brain. One rupture occurs every 18 minutes with 40 percent resulting in a fatality; 66 percent of survivors have a permanent neurological deficit and 15 percent die before they reach the hospital.

In answer to this growing issue, Memorial Medical Center, in partnership with SIU School of Medicine Neurology and Clinical Radiologists, developed the Aneurysm & Stroke Screening Program to help identify and prevent ruptures. Read the rest of this entry »

Zika and Pregnancy: Know Before You Go

Posted by | Posted in Maternity, Memorial Medical Center, News | Posted on 06-04-2016

Pregnant-Woman-HikingThe mosquito-transmitted Zika virus has influenced travel plans and led to worldwide recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization that include guidelines for people who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.

Rajesh Govindaiah, MD, Memorial Health System’s chief medical officer, encourages women who are pregnant to see their healthcare provider if they develop a fever, rash, joint pain, headache or conjunctivitis within two weeks of traveling to a country where cases of the Zika virus have been reported. Read the rest of this entry »

The First Step to Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction is Starting the Conversation

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 24-08-2015

Couple-Holding-HandsFor years, male sexual dysfunction has been top-of-mind, illustrated through marketing campaigns for pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis. These well-recognized ads show men of all types taking action to improve intimacy with their partners. There’s dancing and romancing following the introduction of the advertised drug, all from the male perspective.

But wait—what about the women? Read the rest of this entry »

Three Surprising Health Benefits of Volunteering

Posted by | Posted in News | Posted on 25-06-2015

Male-Volunteer-MMCMany people, particularly after retirement, choose to volunteer as a way to give back to their community. Another bonus is that volunteering is good for both the physical and mental health of the person donating their time.

Memorial Medical Center currently has more than 300 volunteers who serve the hospital in a variety of ways. From delivering flowers to patients, to transporting patients and visitors, to knitting hats and scarves, MMC could not operate without the generosity of our volunteers. Here are just a few of the health benefits our volunteers enjoy: Read the rest of this entry »

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Chooses Memorial

Posted by | Posted in Memorial Medical Center, News | Posted on 29-01-2014

President Sirleaf and El Amin Family 007Patient privacy and safety is important every day at Memorial Medical Center, with employees taking great care in the protection of every patient’s rights and our Security team on constant watch, looking out for all our patients, visitors and staff.

But, on Oct. 4, for one patient in particular, Memorial’s own Security team was supplemented by a police escort, several black SUVs, and Liberian and the United States Secret Services.

That patient? President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 24th president of Liberia, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner and the first female president in Africa’s history.

“It was like something out of the show 24,” said Shari Hill, MSN, RN, director of Baylis Day Surgery. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Recipe: Cranberry Apple Pork Loin

Posted by | Posted in News, Recipes | Posted on 20-11-2013

Stuffed-Pork-ChopLooking for a new way to prepare pork this holiday season? Erin Spenner, MS, RD, LDN, registered dietician with Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, shares this healthful Cranberry Apple Pork Loin recipe. Read the rest of this entry »

Festival of Trees: Providing More than Holiday Fun

Posted by | Posted in Foundation, News | Posted on 12-09-2013

History-PageYou know that Memorial’s Festival of Trees is a Springfield holiday favorite. But, did you know it is also the largest fundraiser for the Memorial Medical Center Foundation?

Yes, the dollars received for those tasty Jubelt’s gingerbread cookies go to an even greater cause than our collective sweet tooth.

Memorial’s Festival of Trees started in 1989 as an event to benefit the health programs offered by Memorial Medical Center. Since then, the Festival has raised nearly $3 million for healthcare and has become the single largest family-oriented holiday tradition in central Illinois.

Each year, hundreds of talented local designers and volunteers transform the Orr Building on the Illinois State Fairgrounds into a winter wonderland of exquisitely decorated showcases, trees, wreaths and swags. But, what the funds earned from the event create is even more lasting and beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

Bereavement and Support Groups

Posted by | Posted in Home Services, News | Posted on 18-07-2013

Grieving WomenThe term “bereavement” is often misunderstood.  By definition, “bereavement” refers to the sorrow or grief an individual feels after the loss of a loved one.  Grief takes many different forms – it can be physical, emotional, and even spiritual. 

Bitsy Knepler, MA, Bereavement Coordinator for Memorial Home Services Hospice, helps individuals deal with grief and loss on a daily basis. 

“People grieve in different ways.  Each person’s grief process is different.  But regardless, it’s important to deal with these feelings, no matter what form they may take,” Knepler said.   “Grief allows people to adjust to change and loss.  It is a part of letting go.” 

Knepler also notes that dealing with grief is a crucial step in the recovery process after losing a loved one.  “Healing is a process.  And grief recovery helps an individual discover life’s purposes. They can set new goals to move forward.” Read the rest of this entry »