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Bariatric Surgery Testimonial: Michael

Posted by | Posted in Bariatric Patient Stories, Bariatrics, Diabetes | Posted on 27-09-2012

For many people who struggle with obesity, dieting and exercise alone are not enough to lose and maintain substantial weight loss to improve their health. For some, bariatric surgery, in addition to lifestyle changes, may be the holistic approach to achieving and maintaining great health.

About 800 central Illinoisans have undergone bariatric surgery through Memorial Medical Center’s Bariatric Services program, all with the intended goal of living a more fulfilling, active life after shedding the weight.

One such success story is Michael, who lost more than 135 pounds and has seen many health benefits after her surgery. Read her story in her own words:

Michael before December 2009
After surgery | Michael now

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Healthy Snacks for Hungry Kids

Posted by | Posted in Nutrition, Pediatrics | Posted on 26-09-2012

Do you need to pick up some quick snacks for those always-hungry and busy kids?

Snacks can be a helpful addition to a day’s meals if good choices are made. Children should eat every 3-5 hours during the day in order to keep energy up and prevent irritability. Just make sure the afternoon snack is at least 2 hours before dinner is served, so his or her appetite isn’t affected.

Should your child want something within an hour of a meal, offer a small fresh fruit or vegetable sticks. School age children’s snacks should be between 100-200 calories and older children and adolescents may require up to 300 calories/snack to meet most estimated needs. Read the rest of this entry »

When Running Form Matters

Posted by | Posted in Exercise, SportsCare | Posted on 20-09-2012

As Gabe Stinson, M.S., a certified performance enhancement specialist with Memorial’s SportsCare, found out, even when you help other people improve their fitness, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ve mastered a perfect running form.

“A friend of mine told me about a race series called Tough Mudder, and I was hooked. I signed up for the nearest race and started training. For the first month or so, I ran pain free,” Stinson said.

But then the problems began. “My right knee started to hurt with every run. I backed off my training and rested, which helped. But the pain came back, and I knew it was time to see an athletic trainer.

“In just one session, my trainer saw that my calves, especially my right one, were tight. This threw off my running form that led to my knee pain. The advice? Stretch before and after each run to maintain proper running form.”

Stories like Gabe’s are fairly common according to Amanda Wilson, PT, DPT, ATC, also of Memorial’s SportsCare. Read the rest of this entry »

Angie Daniels: Young Mom Reaches Out to Other Young Cancer Patients

Posted by | Posted in Be Aware Womens Fair Super Survivors, Cancer Care, Women | Posted on 18-09-2012

Angie Daniels and her family

Diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in her late 20s, Angie Daniels now hopes to share her story and encouragement with other young women after they receive the same life-shattering news.

“When I was diagnosed, I really didn’t have anyone to reach out to,” the Springfield mom of two young girls recalls. Other women diagnosed with breast cancer were older “and their situation was much different” than hers.

Today, she and a friend, a breast cancer survivor she met when she learned of her diagnosis, are working to start a support group for other young women who have been diagnosed with cancer. They’re collaborating with Bright Pink, a national nonprofit group that offers education and support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

Runners, Walkers Raise $9,000 for Annual 5K to Benefit Transplant Services

Posted by | Posted in Transplant | Posted on 13-09-2012

"Team Greg Oest" Team Captain is Joleen Oest (wife of Greg), sitting on rock with kids on lap. They raised over $600!

Bolstered by a record-setting 501 people registered, the annual 5K run/walk to benefit the Alan G. Birtch, MD, Center for Transplant Services at Memorial raised nearly $9,000 last Saturday.

The eighth annual event was held in Springfield’s Washington Park on Sept. 8. Bill Coon, a double heart transplant and kidney transplant recipient, shared his inspiring story before the event began. A local band, The Fireside Relics, kept the mood festive.

“Once again, the community has so generously shown their support for our transplant program,” said Sara Danner, Memorial’s transplant financial coordinator and chair of this year’s 5K. “This year was another successful event with beautiful weather and a very large crowd.” Read the rest of this entry »

Promoting Awareness and Prevention with “Suicide in America” Infographic

Posted by | Posted in Mental Health | Posted on 11-09-2012

Sept. 9-15, 2012 is National Suicide Prevention Week. The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare created this infographic to help spread the word on suicide prevention. Please share this infographic with as many people as possible and help eliminate suicide in the U.S.

Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois is a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s network. We have trained professionals who are available to help you deal with the major emotional crises of life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you or someone you know is in crisis or at risk of suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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Whole Grains. What’s the Big Deal?

Posted by | Posted in Nutrition | Posted on 11-09-2012

We’ve all heard eating grains, especially whole grains, provides positive health benefits for most people. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, as published by the federal government, recommends three daily, one-ounce servings of grains, with at least half of those servings coming from whole grains.

According to the guidelines, a slice of whole wheat bread, ½ cup brown rice, five whole-wheat crackers or ½ cup oatmeal are considered servings. 

But exactly what are whole grains and what’s the big deal about them?

Christina Rollins, MS, RD, LDN, a clinical dietitian at Memorial Medical Center and Illinois Dietetic Association Spokesperson, said grains are divided into two groups: whole grains and refined grains. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Nutrition Tips for Teen Athletes: Eat Well to Play Well

Posted by | Posted in Nutrition, SportsCare | Posted on 06-09-2012

As teens are back in school, many are also back in football, soccer or cross-country practices. If you have a teen athlete, their extra physical activity means an increased need for the right nutrition.

Katie Horstmeyer, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian who works with Memorial SportsCare, said the right nutrition makes a noticeable difference in a teen’s performance during practice and competition. To play well, teens need to eat well by making the right food choices. Horstmeyer outlines a few of her favorite nutrition tips for teen athletes and their parents. Read the rest of this entry »

Women’s Biathlon Offers Weight-Loss Surgery Patient Another Milestone

Posted by | Posted in Bariatric Patient Stories, Bariatrics, SportsCare | Posted on 04-09-2012

Margarita after bariatric surgery ready to participate in Memorial SportsCare's Women's Biathlon

One of her biggest challenges awaits Margarita Martin on Sept. 23, and the Charleston nurse and mother of three couldn’t be more excited.

Margarita will join hundreds of other central Illinois women when she takes part in Memorial SportsCare’s women’s biathlon. The 20-kilometer bike ride followed by a 5-kilometer run will be the biggest athletic event she’s tackled to date.

And that’s quite an accomplishment, considering that the 5-foot-10 woman weighed just over 300 pounds through most of the first half of 2011. After she had bariatric, or weight-loss, surgery at Memorial Medical Center in May 2011, she eventually lost 140 pounds.

Read her weight-loss story.

To prepare for the biathlon, Margarita has been running three days a week – a fast, short run and two slower, long runs – and doing cross-training exercise four days a week, including weights, hill training and bicycle riding. Read the rest of this entry »