Tips to Reduce New School Year Anxiety

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Shy-Girl-Going-to-SchoolGoing back to school is an exciting time of year for most children. Some, however, experience anxiety and feel stressed as soon as they hear those dreaded words, “back to school.”

Anxious children are often overly tense and may need a lot of encouragement. Anxiety presents itself in children in many different ways. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, among the most common types are:

  • Separation anxiety: Symptoms of separation anxiety include refusing to go to school and having constant thoughts and fears about the safety of parents and caretakers.
  •  Phobia: Symptoms include extreme fear of a specificthing or situation, which can cause significant distress and interfere with usual situations.
  •  Social anxiety: Symptoms include having many worries about things before they happen and fears of embarrassment or making mistakes.

So, what should a parent do if they notice their child showing signs of back-to-school anxiety? Read the rest of this entry »

‘There is Hope’ — What a Mental Health Professional Wants You to Understand About Depression and Suicide

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Man-looking-upThe tragic death of comedian Robin Williams has left people wondering how this could happen to a man who was loved by millions of people around the world. And while Facebook feeds and online comment boards are filled with people talking about suicide, Andrew Jolly, crisis center lead clinician at West Lake Center, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois, says many people still do not understand what depression really is.

Disappointed is not depressed

“In our society we overuse the word depression,” Jolly said. “We say we are ‘depressed’ that we failed a test or we missed our favorite TV show.’ The emotion talked about in these cases is disappointment, not depression. Perhaps we need a new word for the illness of depression so that people might take it more seriously.”

Jolly describes the intensity of depression, which he says is not just “self-pity” or “wallowing” in sorrows. Depression can be sparked by adverse life events in which the grief doesn’t subside, or could come out of nowhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Have the Summertime Blues?

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Young-Man-on-DockSummer is in full swing, and your schedule is packed with pool parties, barbeques, ballgames and more.

Everyone around you seems more positive and energetic — except you.

Regardless of the season, depression can make the whole world dark and gray. Clinical depression can impair your ability to sleep, eat, work and get along with others. It also can damage self-esteem, self-confidence and your ability to accomplish everyday tasks.

Depression is more than a low mood; it can be a serious illness. Read the rest of this entry »

Calorie Postings on Restaurant Menus: Friend or Foe?

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African American Couple Reading MenuMany restaurants are now posting calorie information right on the menu. This is thanks in part to the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. Passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act requires all restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calorie information on menus, menu boards and display tags, and to provide additional nutrition information upon request.

Unfortunately, posting calorie information does not ensure healthy food choices. A recent study published by the Journal of Consumer Research reported that, when restaurants organized menus by calorie content, consumers chose higher-calorie options. Why? Researchers proposed that consumers tend to associate lower-calorie or healthier options with poor taste quality and choose higher calorie options instead. Interestingly, the study also showed no difference in food choices if higher and lower calorie items were intermixed. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Ways to Become Faithful to Fitness

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Mature-Woman-Doing-YogaStarting a fitness routine may be easy. However, sticking with the routine seems to be the hard part. The first few weeks, we’re pumped to start working out, then life gets in the way, or we don’t see the results we want and give up.

Here are some tips from the experts at Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center to help you become a long-term exerciser, if you are will to give exercise just one more try! Read the rest of this entry »

Summer and Thirst: Tips to Recognize and Prevent Dehydration

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200401674-001Even camels can die from dehydration—those humps are filled with fat, not water. But you don’t have to exist in a desert to be vulnerable to the symptoms and effects of dehydration, especially during the summer when increased activity and high temperatures team up.

Calvin Bell, MD, medical director for Memorial ExpressCare, explains that dehydration occurs when the body’s loss of water is in excess of what one takes in. This can be caused by extreme hot or cold environments, increased activities, alcoholic beverages, fever, diarrhea and even some medications, including those for blood pressure or diabetes.

You can prevent dehydration by being proactive, especially during the summer. Read the rest of this entry »

7 Healthy Tips for Cooking for Two

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Couple Cooking for TwoCooking for two can oftentimes be a daunting task when trying to make healthier menu changes. Recipes yielding larger portions, fear of not using produce quickly enough, or making the most of the ingredients we have can be common issues when cooking and grocery shopping each week.

Luckily, there is a way to make and maintain healthy eating habits to fit any household number. Micca Donohoo, a registered dietitian with the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, recommends these seven easy tips to scale your menus and recipes down to fit your table for two. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Food Logs Made Simple

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Food-LogIt’s easy to think, “Oh, I didn’t eat too much today,” until you actually start listing off everything you ingested.

That’s the thinking behind the need to log food intake. According to Angie Sebree, registered dietitian with the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, patients who log their eating habits have greater success at achieving their health and weight-loss goals.

“Writing down your daily food intake, even your exercise and how much fluid you drink, can help to increase awareness of behaviors,” Sebree said. “Awareness can be the first step in figuring out what needs improved and changed.”

Unfortunately, she admits, many of her patients don’t particularly love to log. They can see it as a daunting task, just another item on the to-do list they don’t have time for. Read the rest of this entry »

Avoid Summertime Kidney Stones

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Female-Athlete-with-Kidney-PainSummer is a time of baseball, vacations, picnics, fireworks…and kidney stones. We bet that one doesn’t appear on anyone’s list of summer to-dos.

According to Tia Rapps, RN, urology nurse navigator at Memorial Medical Center, the reason summer is a risky time for kidney stones is the increased possibility of dehydration. Loss of fluid from sweating results in less urine production in the kidney. If urine becomes concentrated due to excessive sweating or not drinking enough fluid, this increases the chances that the minerals in the urine could stick together and form a stone rather than be flushed out of the kidney. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer is Here: Are You Ready?

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Couple on the beachEach spring, millions of people resolve to be “beach-body ready” by summer.  Unfortunately, summer has that tendency to sneak up on you, and by June, somehow those bikini abs have eluded us once again.

“In many of my patients, I see the weight loss happens slower than expected, or maybe not at all,” said Erin Spenner, registered dietitian with the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. “That’s disheartening and makes it hard to stay motivated.”

We don’t need to look like models—all that matters is that you feel good about yourself in the summertime and all other times of year. Here are three questions to ask yourself if you find your own progress has stalled. Read the rest of this entry »