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Sleep Study Provides Answers and Relief from Dozing While Driving

Posted by | Posted in Memorial Medical Center, Physician Services, Sleep Center | Posted on 24-11-2015

Woman-Wearing-CPAP-MachineMary Williams, 52, was perpetually tired, even though she thought she was getting a good night’s rest.

“Apparently I was snoring, although I didn’t believe I was,” Mary said. “I had no idea of the quality or lack of quality of sleep, because I never woke up gasping for air. I was sure it was a thyroid issue.”

She never suspected sleep apnea, but her daily routine suggested otherwise: Read the rest of this entry »

What to Expect During a Sleep Study

Posted by | Posted in Memorial Medical Center, Sleep Center | Posted on 15-09-2015

Man Sleep Test CNervous about being able to fall asleep during your sleep study? You’re not alone! But Kaye Liles, manager of the Memorial Medical Center and SIU School of Medicine’s Sleep Disorders Center is confident that a sleep study is nothing to, well, lose sleep over.

“People always worry they won’t be able to fall asleep with all the monitoring devices,” Kaye said. “But the technician’s job is to make you comfortable and ease any fears or anxieties by explaining what is being done. Even with all the sensors, most people do actually fall asleep fairly quickly.” Read the rest of this entry »

Snoring: Serious or Merely Annoying?

Posted by | Posted in Home Services, Memorial Medical Center, Sleep Center | Posted on 01-07-2014

Man Snoring“Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone,” said British novelist Anthony Burgess, who may or may not have been speaking from experience.

Lori Valentine, RN, respiratory therapist and director of Memorial’s Home Services Durable Medical Equipment, explains that snoring is caused by a collapse of the upper airway, which can happen because of excess tissue in the upper neck area or a loosening of muscle in the neck area that causes an obstruction. Read the rest of this entry »

Sleep Tips for Night Workers

Posted by | Posted in Sleep Center | Posted on 08-10-2013

alarm clockNo offense, Dolly Parton, but workin’ 9 to 5 isn’t what it takes to make a livin’ for everyone. Many of us work late or odd hours—and our sleep likely suffers for it.

“Most people who work nights tend to short-sleep themselves,” said Mike Davis, RRT, RPSGT, a registered sleep technician in Memorial Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center

The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Of course, getting that kind of sleep can be difficult for most people—even if they work the day shift.

“If someone with a regular schedule loses one or two hours in a night, that’s not a big deal,” Davis said. “But people who regularly short-sleep themselves one to four hours may have health issues.”

Results of long-term sleep deprivation

According to Davis, long-term sleep deprivation can impair the body’s regenerative ability and can weaken the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to illness. Also, the irritability and emotional effects of sleep deprivation that we experience on a short-term basis can grow and more severely impact our lives—which may be why there is a noted link between sleep deprivation and depression. Read the rest of this entry »

Sleep Deprivation: The Ugly Truth

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Sleep Center | Posted on 21-08-2013

Tired WomanWhen it comes to health concerns, sleep is something we tend to take for granted. We’ll stay up late to catch a talk show, read just one more chapter or finish a few more things around the house—and we’re not usually able to sleep in and make up for it.

For many of us, this is just another part of life; but, when it becomes habitual, it can cause real problems.

You may not think of “just being tired” as a real problem. But, consider disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, the Exxon Valdex oil spill and the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. What do they all have in common? Read the rest of this entry »

Bedtime Breakthrough: Tips for Getting Your Little Ones to Dreamland

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Parents, Pediatrics, Sleep Center | Posted on 09-07-2012

It’s the middle of the night and your child, who had been sleeping soundly in his own bed, has found his way to your bedroom. You allow him to climb in bed with you for some comforting and, more often than not, that is where he stays for the remainder of the night.

Sound familiar? As parents, we have all been there – awakened by a child that can’t sleep and then having to choose between making an attempt to get them back to sleep in their own bed or allowing them to stay with us.

While comforting in the short term, not establishing guidelines for the bedtime routine can have a lasting impact on your child, according to SIU HealthCare physician Joseph Henkle, MD, director of Memorial Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center.

“A child’s daytime behavior is affected by sleep,” Henkle said. “It’s the parent’s job to teach children how to fall asleep. They just don’t come with that ability.” Read the rest of this entry »

Not Getting Enough Rest? It Could Affect Your Mental Health

Posted by | Posted in Expert Tips, Mental Health, Sleep Center | Posted on 05-03-2012

When life does nothing but annoy you, and you’re finding it hard to concentrate and control your emotions, you may want to take a look at your sleeping habits. Are you getting enough Zs?

Sleep is an important part of one’s well-being, particularly when it comes to mental health. Getting poor quality sleep affects our ability to perform daily activities and has a negative impact on productivity, says Jude Clapper, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, a wellness advocate with Memorial Counseling Associates.

“Without adequate sleep, we tend to be more irritable and our ability to handle stress is diminished,” Clapper says. “Sleep is necessary to maintain balance in mental and physical functioning. We are more alert and better able to handle stress if we are sleeping well.” Read the rest of this entry »

CPAP Machines: Helping You Breathe – and Sleep – Better

Posted by | Posted in Home Services, Sleep Center | Posted on 16-02-2012

CPAP Mask for CPAP Machine

Do you dream of breathing more easily when you sleep? Or of getting a restful night’s sleep? A CPAP machine may be just what the doctor ordered!

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines are used to treat symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that causes an obstruction in the airway when muscles relax during sleep, which interrupts breathing. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, long pauses in breathing during sleep, increased drowsiness during the day and restless sleeping.

Read the rest of this entry »

Daylight Saving Time is Ending: Some Tips to Get Ready

Posted by | Posted in Parents, Sleep Center | Posted on 04-11-2011

It’s about that time again; we have to adjust our clocks, and ourselves, for the time change. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 6 at 2 a.m. Clocks will be adjusted backward an hour as Standard Time begins. The change in autumn is usually easier to deal with than the change in spring, since our body feels like it’s one hour later than what the clock reads. However, there are still some tips you can use to help you and your family adjust to the new time.

  • If you normally feel tired at 10 p.m. there’s a good chance you’ll feel tired at 9 p.m. (according to the clock). Instead of trying to stick it out that extra hour, just go to sleep. The vast majority of us could use the extra hour.
  • Read the rest of this entry »

Sleep Apnea Can’t Stop Local Sports Announcer

Posted by | Posted in Bariatric Patient Stories, Bariatrics, Home Services, Sleep Center, Videos | Posted on 15-08-2011

Sam Madonia needs sleep. The local radio personality gets up at 4:30 five mornings a week to broadcast “AM Springfield” on WFMB before heading to work at the Secretary of State. He’s also the voice of high school football, calling games on the weekend. So when he was feeling tired and his wife of 41 years, Alice, complained that his snoring was keeping her awake, Sam sought help. Read the rest of this entry »