That’s What Friends are For: Friends of Memorial Volunteers Provide Education, Outreach

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Coakley-Lisa-FriendsFriends of Memorial is a volunteer group that has supported Memorial Medical Center in its mission to improve the health of the people and the communities it serves for more than 35 years. To support the work of the hospital, Friends helps Memorial take its services into the community through outreach programs, continuing education, health promotions and disease prevention.

Lisa Coakley has been on the Friends of Memorial board for 19 years. In her years with Friends, she has helped with group’s popular Babysitting Clinic, composed its quarterly newsletter, been treasurer (a few times), been a director-at-large, served as vice president of education and membership, and volunteered in a variety of roles for the annual Festival of Trees event as co-chair of design, president and chair of the Holiday Market.

“My husband works in the Radiology department and so I initially had that connection to the hospital. I stayed with it because Memorial is a great organization and does a lot for the community,” Lisa said.

Worried About Type 2 Diabetes? Take this Quick Test to Assess Your Risk

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risk-test-paper-versionWe all know it’s important to eat a balanced diet and stay active. Those are simple proactive strategies that improve your health both in the present and future. However, if you’ve been procrastinating on either of these fronts, consider this new motivation to spark action.

This November, as part of National Diabetes Month, the American Diabetes Association is encouraging people to take a quick and simple risk assessment–seven straightforward questions–aimed to determine your risk level for developing Type 2 diabetes. If the test results indicate you are at high risk, the first step is to see your doctor. It’s that easy. Don’t wait. Take the test now.

A Heart for Heath: Inspiring Wellness and Independence

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Ann-Walking-MHCCI-Holiday-AppealMeet Ann, a client of the Logan-Mason Rehabilitation Center, a program of the Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois. She is inspiring others to take important steps to improve their health.

Every week, Ann leads Health Matters™, which is a peer-to-peer program focused on improving the health of people with developmental disabilities. While 33 percent of all American adults are obese, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a higher chance of being overweight. In her class, Ann shares information about healthier food options, exercise and goal setting.

Working Toward Healing and Self-Sufficiency – Ricky’s Story of Recovery

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278-14-83 Rikky colorFor Ricky Rogers, things never came easily. He had a hard time holding a job, he wasn’t able to focus on everyday tasks, and then there were the voices he heard. But he didn’t know what was wrong. He just knew it was seriously affecting his life.

“I grew up in an environment where no one understood what I was going through,” he said. “I always felt like something was going on. I worried a lot and couldn’t focus or do things at the same level as the other kids. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t like everyone else. I didn’t have answers.”

Eventually, Ricky got that answer: In 2008, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He knew he had to get help. But he wasn’t sure where to start.

“A big part of mental illness is having to ask for help,” he said. “And how do you tell someone you’re not normal?”

4 Not-So-Common Indicators That You’re At Risk of Stroke

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DS-6139 ASA Stroke Statistics_ExternalRevWhether or not you’re likely to have a stroke depends on many risk factors—some you can control and others you can’t.

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death for women and the fourth for men, says Amanda Conn, coordinator of Memorial’s Stroke Center and a registered nurse. Four out of five strokes could be prevented if patients had known about and appropriately managed the more common risk factors—cholesterol and blood pressure, for example.

However, other not-so-obvious factors may indicate you’re at risk of a stroke. In most cases, you can take action to reduce or eliminate these risks.

One Child’s Formula for Recovery = Happy and Healthy!

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?????????James*, a young boy in Springfield, was having issues at school. He wasn’t listening in class, got into fights and had been suspended. He needed help dealing with his feelings, his anger and his struggles at home. With help and early intervention by Erika Garlisch, a Children’s MOSAIC Project clinician, James was able to make a change for the better at school and begin to feel happier and healthier.

The health and well-being of children is at the heart of the Children’s MOSAIC Project – a community-wide partnership intended to make mental health services easier to access in Springfield.

“By taking services and resources to children in their own natural environment – schools, neighborhoods and at physician offices – we are better able to support kids and families,” Garlisch said.

The Children’s MOSAIC Project serves as a connecting link between schools, teachers, families and students. At several schools in Springfield, a clinician is on-site every day to screen children for any mental health issues.

4 Tips to Help You Overcome Trauma

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Upset-ManLife is full of ups and downs. Everyone faces hardship at some point in their lives. Those hardships could range from losing a loved one, losing your job or experiencing a traumatic event. Trauma is one of the most common issues linked to mental health problems.

Trauma is experienced in many forms — including physical, emotional and sexual abuse — and can happen at any age. After a traumatic event occurs, people react in different ways. Some may feel guilt, while others try to block the entire situation out of their memory.

Tisha Bayless, an adult outpatient therapist at the Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois, shares the below tips to help overcome trauma.

Decorate a Holiday Wreath in Four Easy Steps

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Still-FOT-howtoThere’s no need to feel intimidated by creating your own wreath when you can enjoy this 7-minute “How To” video with Megan Henley Brown of Trendsetters in Chatham. After all, if 98.7 WNNS radio host Chris Murphy can do it, anyone can!

Henley Brown takes viewers through the process in four easy steps:

  • Fluff the branches—a very important first step designed to refresh the branches of artificial wreaths.
  • Work deco mesh into the wreath for color and added texture.
  • Add glittery decorative elements including large bulb ornaments, bamboo sticks or flowers.
  • Finish the look with ribbon highlights.

3 Things You Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide

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carbon-monoxide-detectorIt’s the time of year when we all want to kick on the furnace and cozy up on the sofa. But, before you do, keep yourself and your loved ones safe by checking your furnace and testing the carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

“In the fall, we tend to see an increase of people with carbon monoxide exposures because faulty furnaces and heaters are being used for the first time since the spring,” said Matthew Johnston, MD, a physician with the Memorial Medical Center Emergency Department and Midwest Emergency Department Specialists.

It’s estimated that about 170 people in the United States die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. However, for each person who dies, several more are treated in emergency rooms. According to Timothy Harvey, MD, a physician with the Memorial Medical Center Emergency Department and Midwest Emergency Department Specialists, anyone can experience carbon monoxide poisoning.

One Woman’s Formula for Weight Loss: Diet, Exercise, Encouragement

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Shirley-Black-Patient-OptimizationAfter coloring on the floor with her 2-year-old niece last September, Shirley Black knew it was finally time to get serious about knee-replacement surgery.

She couldn’t get up without help.

Shirley, who lives just outside of Springfield and has been married to her husband, Robert, for nearly 30 years, knew surgery wasn’t an option until she lost weight. She had tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

A few weeks later, she scheduled an appointment with her new primary care physician, Nicole Florence, MD, with Memorial Physician Services – Koke Mill.

“I told her I needed to come up with a plan,” Shirley recalls.