Lincoln Heart Attack Survivor: ‘I Feel Better Than Ever’

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Ruthetta-Getchel-ALMHRuthetta Getchel and her husband, Jack, were a day away from embarking on a trip to Minnesota in July 2014 when Ruthetta awoke in the middle of the night experiencing severe back pain and profuse sweating. Jack quickly drove Ruthetta to the emergency department at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

After an initial evaluation, Ruthetta, 67, quickly learned she was experiencing a heart attack. She was stabilized and immediately taken by ambulance to Memorial Medical Center and had four stents placed. She subsequently had four additional stents placed in November.

“Without the emergency team at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, I’m certain I wouldn’t be here today,” she said.

Mental Health Awareness Month: ‘Next to Normal’ Preview

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Next-to-NormalLet’s talk about mental health—because it’s OK to get help if you or someone you love needs it.

To promote Mental Health Awareness Month, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois partnered with the Hoogland Center for the Arts to bring the Tony-award winning show “Next to Normal” to Springfield. The show runs May 22-24 and 29-31.

Watch this video to hear director Carly Shank, star Mary Kate Smith, and MHCCI representative Mary Beth Clark talk about the show and the importance of recognizing and treating mental health issues.

6 Cool Things You’ll Find in the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation

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MCLI-Final-ImageThe open house for the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation is fast approaching on Sunday, May 17.

The MCLI is a technologically advanced learning environment where Memorial employees, medical residents and our physician and community-health partners will develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the super cool stuff you’ll find in the 72,000-square-foot, four-story building.

When a Friend Becomes a Patient

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Bill Schomburg and Dr. Sutyak

Bill Schomburg and Dr. Sutyak

Friends come and go. A true friend, however, is invaluable. They stick up for you, never judge and are with you in good times and bad.

And when times get really bad, it helps when that true friend is the one person who can help get you back on your feet—literally.

Bill Schomburg and John Sutyak, MD, Associate Professor, Division of General Surgery, SIUSOM, have been friends for years. Professionally, Bill travels the country consulting on how to best manage artificial turf fields. Dr. Sutyak is the head surgeon at the Southern Illinois Trauma Center (SITC). They met at Hope Church in Springfield where Bill serves as service director and Dr. Sutyak’s son volunteers on the worship team. Bill also coordinates the annual Springfield Youth Football Jamboree, where Dr. Sutyak and SITC staff volunteer.

On the morning of Nov. 3, 2010, their personal and professional lives collided when Bill fell 35 feet from a ladder while helping a friend cut down a large cherry tree.

“We were trying to take the top of the tree down first and the second part after,” Bill said. “When the first part hit the ground, it hit right at my ladder and ejected me. People who don’t believe life changes in an instant haven’t been around the block very far.”

Mind Your Health: Take Your Mental Health ‘Checkup’ Today!

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8-Dimensions-of-WellnessSpring is here, and for many people, that means moving from hibernation mode to focusing more on making healthy choices. Often, we think about good health only in terms of our physical well being, but mental health is an important component in overall wellness. May is Mental Health Month so Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois (MHCCI) encourages everyone to “Mind Your Health!” and to get the ball rolling today by taking a free mental health assessment.

Good health involves caring for your body and mind.

Statistics show in any given year 1 in 5 American adults live with a diagnosable and treatable mental health condition. Too often, these conditions go untreated, and in combination with substance use conditions, lead to more deaths than traffic accidents, HIV/AIDS and breast cancer combined.

Guilt Free Grilling Tips

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Grilled-FoodWarmer weather means more time spent out in the great outdoors. Why not take your cooking outside as well? Farmers markets are abound with fresh and seasonal options to add flavor to your food without adding inches to your waistline. Follow the tips below to make your grilling season effortless, flavorful, and enjoyable.

What We Can Do for a Stroke That We Couldn’t Do 10 Years Ago

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?????????????????????In the past, few treatment options existed to stop a stroke, especially if the patient didn’t make it to the hospital within the critical three-hour window of time. Depending on the type of stroke and the amount of time until treatment begins, the effects of a stroke can be devastating.

And while strokes are still a serious health event, thanks to new technology, a stroke can be stopped for some patients.

Only 38% of People Can Perform This Lifesaving Act. Are You One of Them?

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Blood-DonationChances are you know (or are) someone whose life has been saved or improved by blood donation. Each year millions of Americans donate blood and 40,000 pints of blood are used every day in the United States – but more is needed. If you are among the 38 percent of Americans who can give blood, take the few minutes out of your schedule to donate.

Blood donation only takes a little of your time and none of your money – but it may be the difference between life and death for someone else.

How Older Adults Can Stay in Great Shape

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SP004808A serious health threat will lead to premature disability or death for more than 2.5 million Americans over the next 10 years. Ironically, most of them have the medicine for the cure but they’re not using it.

The threat is physical inactivity; the medicine is exercise.

“There are a multitude of common diseases that are made worse if people are physically inactive, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke,” said Daniel Adair, MD, co-medical director of Memorial’s SportsCare and a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Springfield Clinic.

Keeping up an exercise routine becomes more challenging as you get older.

Your Guide to Traveling with Diabetes

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Traveling-With-DiabetesIt’s Spring Break season! Whether you are heading for warmer climates or road-tripping somewhere nearby, it can be difficult to maintain your healthy routine while on vacation. For people with diabetes, this may seem even more challenging.

“It’s all about consistency and preparation,” says Lori Iocca, RN, CDE, a nurse navigator at the Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center. “A person with diabetes may need to do a little more work ahead of time, but there’s no reason he or she can’t have a fun vacation and stay healthy.”

We chose a few travel situations that can throw off anyone’s diet, exercise or rest routines, and created a few tips for people with diabetes who are traveling.